Lambs, Hogget and Mutton

All our Manx Loaghtan lambs mature slowly and naturally on the native grasses and herbs of our organic pasture. No artificial growth promoters or chemical enhancers are ever used.

This slow, natural, process produces our award winning, tender and tasty organic lamb and mutton with deeply coloured cuts and a distinctive, full flavour.

Our rare breed is also significantly lower in fat and cholesterol than commercial breeds, making Langley Chase Manx Loaghtan a healthy organic choice.

The lambs and ewes go out to pasture shortly after lambing. Lambs are given our best pasture. Here they graze at low stocking levels until they reach maturity. We sell two types of lamb, Autumn Lamb and Hogget and Mutton:

Autumn lamb
These are lambs that are ready to sell in the same year in which they were born. They have have grown steadily on our lush spring and summer pastures before being ready to be sold in the autumn. They tend to have slightly pinker coloured meat and slightly lighter flavour.  

Hogget is the name for lambs which have over wintered on the farm.  This gives them a fuller, gamer, flavour than autumn lamb and are well worth trying!  Because we rear our animals slowly and naturally at grass we sell many Hoggets. Manx Loaghtan lambs grow during summer, do not grow over winter, but 'store' resuming growth again the following spring.    

Mutton is the name for an adult sheep. And Langley Chase mutton has been crowned best organic meat in the UK at the National Organic Food Awards.  It's dark, rich and gamey meat with a deep, rounded taste - a feast for your family and friends. 

"Langley Chase Manx Loaghtans are the supermodels of the sheep world - lean, long-legged and strikingly handsome. Holding their heads high they stare haughtily from pale eyes, each with its lozenge of black pupil like a large expensive marble."

The Times