Healthy Meat

Wild orchids grow in our hay meadows

Not only is our award winning lamb tender and tasty, but the Manx Loaghtan breed has been found to be 23 per cent lower in fat and almost 10 per cent lower in cholesterol than commercially reared lamb - making our lamb a healthy, organic choice.

Furthermore, our organic lamb and mutton are reared on our species rich organic pasture and hay.  This wide variety of grasses, herbs and wild flowers help give it its distinctive, slow grass reared flavour. 

The table below is from a study by the Scottish Agricultural Colleges comparing Manx Loaghtan and commercially reared lamb:

  Manx Loaghtan Lamb  Commercial Lamb
Cholesterol mg/100g 59 68
Per cent of fat 5.0 28
Per cent of saturated fatty acids 2.19 13.9
Per cent of monounsaturates 1.74 10.8
Per cent of polyunsaturates 0.11 1.3