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Langley Chase Sheepskin Rugs

Langley Chase sheepskin rugs are beautiful and exclusive.

Hand made from our rare breed Manx Loaghtan sheep in England by traditional craftsmen, only a limited number are produced each year.

Each rug is individual, varying in natural colour, pattern and wool length to provide a completely unique luxury for your home.

The rugs are happy on the floor, over beds and sofas and across chairs. They are young children and pet proof, easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

Types and sizes

Quad Rugs
Spectacular, large rugs hand made from four matched sheepskins. Perfect for centre of the room, bedspreads or over a sofa.

Approximate sizes,182 x 120cm (6' x 4').

Broad Double Rugs
Distinctive and striking rugs created from two matched sheepskins side-by-side, works particularly well where a Quad Rug might be too large. Their distinctive appearance makes an instant talking point for any room.

Approximate size 95 x 120cm or (3' x 4')

Long Double Rugs
Long and graceful rugs, perfect for in front of the fire, adding glamour along sofas and chairs, alongside beds or simply on the floor. Created from two matched sheepskins laid end-to-end.

Approximate size 182 x 60cm or (6' x 2')

Single Skin Rugs
Beautiful and individual single skin rugs have a wide variety of uses – the most popular of which is beside the bed (perfect for cold toes in the morning). They are also excellent over furniture or as centre piece rugs in smaller rooms.

Approximate size approximate size 91 x 60cm (3' x 2').

Bespoke orders
From bedspreads to large floor rugs, we can make any rugs you wish. Please contact the Mrs Jane Kallaway on with your requirements
Tel: 01249 750 095
Email post@langleychase.co.uk

Care and cleaning
Langley Chase Organic Farm rugs will last a lifetime, perfect for walking on as well as pets and children. Each rug is sent with full care instructions. Often all they need is a simple shake or a vacuum once in a while. Our special rugs machine washable can be washed in normal washing machines and air-dried.

Organic status
Langley Chase Organic Farm sheepskins are made from our organically registered flock, reared by us on our organic farm. Whilst the wool and fleeces are registered organic, the skins are made using a modern, chrome free tanning process that is environmentally friendly using as few chemicals as possible. However, this process is not registered as organic and the skins are not sold as organic.

Rugs can be returned within seven days for a full refund, subject to our terms and conditions.

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