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Can you help me choose products or answer questions on the farm and produce?  
We would be delighted.  Please contact us on telephone number 01249 750 095 or email post@langleychase.co.uk and we will help you as much as we can.

Sending Langley Chase products as gifts

Is it possible to send your products to other people as gifts?
Certainly.  We will be delighted and can personalise the gift as much as possible for you:

  • Personalised messages can be included in all packages free of charge.
  • For meat boxes we can butcher the meat to the recipient's exact liking.  Personalised butchery carries a £10 additional charge
  • Langley Chase Organic meat boxes and Langley Chase Salami can only be sent to addresses in the UK. 
  • Langley Chase sheepskin rugs, wool and knitwear can be sent to overseas.
  • Meat boxes require a signature when delivered.  Make sure someone is available to sign for the delivery at the address you choose.  Deliveries are made before 12 noon on the specified date.

Langley Chase Organic Lamb and Mutton and Meat Boxes

What meat boxes can be bought on line?:
We sell fresh or frozen meat boxes available in two sizes large or small.  These can be sent to any UK address or picked up from the farm:

  • Frozen meat boxes - can be ordered at anytime and are delivered every week on Wednesdays, or collected from the farm.       
  • Fresh meat boxes - can be ordered at anytime and are delivered once a month or collected from the farm.  The next four months of delivery dates are listed in the farm shop.

Will a meat box fit into my freezer or fridge?
To give an idea of size – the contents from a large meat box will fit into two standard size supermarket plastic carrier bags and fit easily into the freezer compartment of a standard fridge freezer. A small meat box will fit easily into the drawer of an upright fridge freezer.

What is in a meat box?
Depending on what you order the meat box will be full of wonderful Langley Chase Organic lamb or mutton cuts prepared by a Master Butcher.  The cuts are vacuum packed and labelled.  We also include recipe ideas, information on our farm, herbs and ice packs. A full list of cuts in each meat box is available in the farm shop.

Where does your meat come from?
We only sell our own award winning Langley Chase organic lamb or mutton in our meat boxes. It is all reared by us on the wildflower pastures of our small family farm.  All Langley Chase award winning rare breed organic lamb and mutton is traceable from our farm to your door.

What type of meat can I buy from you?
We sell organic rare breed Manx  Loagthan lamb and organic rare breed Manx  Loagthan mutton from our our award winning flock.  The Manx  Loagthan is a distinguished primitive rare breed, high in flavour and significantly lower in fat and cholesterol than  commercial breeds.  

How has your meat been judged by food critics?
Langley Chase rare breed organic lamb and mutton has won Best Organic Meat in the UK, Best Organic Lamb in the UK and Best Organic  Mutton in the UK at the National Organic Food Awards and Gold in the Great Taste Awards.  Praise by top chefs includes Mark Hix and Rick Stein as well as food writers and critics.    

How is your meat normally hung and butchered?
Each of our animals is traditionally hung between 8 – 14 days and prepared by a Master Butcher accredited by the Soil Association. 

Can I have my order butchered to my own requirements?
Yes.  When you place your order please make your request in the comments section of the order and please also contact the farm on 01249 750  095 or post@langleychase.co.uk.  There is an additional £10 charge for personal butchery requirements, per order.  This payment is taken over the phone following your order online.  At this time we will also take your butchery requests and specifications.

How are my orders sent?
Our fresh and frozen meat boxes are sent in special insulated boxes that keep your order in optimum condition.  Each box is tracked by us. Boxes can stay fresh for up to 36 hours, even during the summer, so  you can be sure your order will be in the best condition on delivery.  Boxes can be sent to any UK address you wish.  

Can I send your meat boxes as a gift?
Certainly.  We are very happy to send a Langley Chase Organic Meat Boxes as gifts.  We can include a personalised message and even butcher the meat to the recipient's exact liking. There is no charge for the message and sending to separate address.  Personalised butchery carries a £10 additional charge.   Please contact us on 01249 750 095 or post@langleychase.co.uk to arrange.
What time will the delivery arrive and do I need to be in?
Deliveries will arrive before 12 noon and will require someone to sign for the delivery.  The person providing the signature does not have to be the person who placed or paid for the order. Meat boxes can be sent to any UK address you choose – a neighbour, place of work, friends, parents etc.  This means you can have an order sent to any address you choose and pick it up later.  The delivery must have someone to sign for it, otherwise it won’t be delivered.  

Can deliveries be dropped off without a signature?
No.  But they can be sent to any address you choose so long as someone can sign for the delivery.  Please see above.

Can I pick up from the farm?
Certainly.  Normally we ask that collections are made between 12 and 7pm on a Friday.  If this isn’t possible for you, please contact us to confirm a time that works for you.  Call us on 01249 750 095 or email post@langleychase.co.uk

What weight is the average lamb or mutton before slaughter?  
On average, before butchery, a  whole lamb weighs about 15 -17 kg and Mutton 16 - 20 kg.

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"One of my favourite sources for lamb is Langley Chase Organic Farm."

Rick Stein